❝ — ne quidem mors nos separabit. ❞

AETERNŌ is an anti-romance collection about the consequential aftermath of loving someone without the fear of death.

Your love interests are not romantic heroes, not every one of them will help you carry the story to happy endings.

The current story count is two, with Us At The End, a story in a post-apocalyptic winter landscape and For You, My Eternal, a story in the era of the rising forbidden magic with their untold tragedies.

  • Scenario Writer: Bảo Vi

  • Character Artist: Hà Thương


US AFTER THE END speaks of personal tragedy and catharsis. Two miserable souls met each other at the world's end and saw nothing but a bleak future ahead of them, so they looked back to the past, only to see it darker than the future beyond.

The story features one love interest, Elijah, an individual with a shrouded past and a kindness unfamiliar to this winter wasteland. However, no amount of assistance comes without a motive, and you need to figure out what his was before it's too late.

FOR YOU, MY ETERNAL is a Gothic horror interactive fiction with romance elements about mortality, the intense devotion which prevented the inevitable, and the bad deal which would corrupt even the purest hearts.

It tells the story of Isaac, a man failing to mourn and bury his grief, which will lead to his inevitable downfall and those of others around him. He will stop at nothing to bring you back, not even death itself would stop him from being with you.

for you, my eternal


After a tragic assassination cut your life short, everyone believed you were gone for good. You would have, too, had you not woken to see the light again years later, aged not a day past your own death.

It was abominable, unnatural. After confronting the person who’d had a hand in your resurrection, you were met only with a cryptic answer; a vague promise of an explanation which left you with more anxiety than relief. And that person being the love of your life, Isaac, did nothing to assuage your unease.

At the back of your mind, you knew you had to accept the truth: more than two decades had passed since your death, and things had changed. Your friends and family had long moved on. What you didn’t know was whether it was for better or for worse.

“ — nothing is permanent, not even death. ”


To be updated.

us at the end


Year unknown, the world is now an eternal winter landscape where snow stretches on for miles no matter where you are. Much of the population have diminished after the previous events leading up to the final winter. You're among the last of the surviving humans, and now you're going to meet your ending.

However, the hand of fate has another plan for you, a stranger met in the wasteland offered his help and pulled you to safety when you were at the brink of death. Yet, peace only lasted for so long before you were once again confirmed to be correct when you refused to take the situation at face's value.

The past calls for you, even after the entire world around you is nothing but a pale imitation of what it once was.

“ — the past never forgets. ”


To be updated.



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